• Affordable Carpet Cleaning

    Three Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods

    Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning
    Steam cleaning is recommended for more heavily soiled situations. Utilizing very hot water and cleaning agents applied under variable pressure, this method normally gives better results for pet problems or spills. Completely safe for children and pets and usually dries in 12-18 hours, depending on conditions. It is also the method most carpet manufactures recommend for annual cleaning to maintain their warranty.

    Dry Cleaning/Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
    Encapsulation- Carpet is treated with foam dry cleaning compounds agitated with the G.L.S. machine, spreading uniformly through the carpet fibers. Any soil will be encapsulated and brought up to the surface where it crystallizes and is easily vacuumed away after drying. Carpet normally dries within 30 minutes to 2 hours. Protector can also be applied in the same simple process without additional moisture application. Safe for children and pets.

    Tru Dri Cleaning
    Carpet is totally dry at time of cleaning. Exclusive natural plant scrubbing compound, in conjunction with the specially developed agitation system, removes soil and grooms the carpet fibers in one process. Extraction of all soiled particles is accomplished by the vacuum action built in the same unit. Safe for children and pets.

    At Affordable Cleaning Service we provide all of these carpet cleaning techniques at the lowest cost.


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