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  • Giant figures with Christmas lights in Oklahoma

     Giant figures with Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    The history of Christmas lights dates back to times when only the pine was lit with candles to symbolize the light of the world that was the representation of Jesus for believers of the faith, however currently this tradition is maintained and enjoyed by close people to the faith or people who are only participants in this warm time to share with the family.

    As far as decoration is concerned, the way to reflect this Christmas atmosphere, candles, lights, fireworks and much more ... However, the most used element is the lights whose different presentations allow you to decorate any corner of your home or of your work environment, park street or wherever you are.

    We offer Christmas lights that allow you to achieve whatever the product of your inspiration or the limit of your imagination has been. One of the elements that has become the most popular is the giant figures that are used in open, central, representative or most visited spaces in the city, however you can place them in any space you want.

    In our company we offer all kinds of lights that allow you to carry out the decoration you want for these figures, their size depends on the amount of electricity consumption, brightness, climate, there are many factors to consider and we have all the products that you can get to need for the result to be what you dreamed of.

    Here in Hang My Christmas Lights you on this type of decoration, do not worry, our experts are trained and have experience in all the different situations that have arisen in your career.

  • Christmas lights today

    Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    The technology related to Christmas lights and decorations have advanced a lot over time, at the beginning of this tradition simple lamp holders were used. Today there are many types of lights varying from their function, style and energy consumption.

    Much of this tradition began in Germany with upper-class people who lit the Christmas trees with candles to move forward and finally become illuminated with bulbs that use electrical energy that vary in large shapes, colors and even depends on the use that is going to give

    Although at the beginning of this tradition only the Christmas pine used to be illuminated, currently we can see houses, streets, buildings, commercial places, any space that may have a light bulb on it is suitable for decoration. The great variety of forms in the lighting allow to achieve amazing effects.

    The lighting of Christmas lights has become so important that even Christmas dates and representative spaces of the city are chosen where people can meet to start these festivities, without a doubt the Christmas lights represent one of the most important aspects in this time of the year, let us guide you trought your expectations in Hang My Christmas Light we have what you need.

    It is not surprising that with the great demand that exists for these Christmas elements every day technology advances more and more. Currently there are battery lights, with Christmas sounds, solar lights and much more, to the point that they are not only traditional decorations we can also observe the construction of giant figures that adorn streets and city squares.

  • Christmas and the role of lights

    Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    Christmas is based on family unity, for many it is a holiday that is based on religious beliefs because it is the time of the beginning of their faith since it is presumed according to history that it is the birth of Jesus, the son of God and his representation on land. However, and despite the fact that it is initially a religious celebration, we all enjoy being with our families.

    For everyone it is the holiday to share with loved ones who sometimes have not seen for a long time, and not only relatives but close people who due to daily occupations have lost the opportunity to see so given the importance it has and complying with the traditions that this festivity brings with it one of the elements that most provide an atmosphere of serenity and harmony are the Christmas lights.

    The lights represent Jesus on earth and they are also a beautiful Christmas decoration, it does not have to be limiting, you can decorate from windows, gardens, columns, walls, ceilings, you can make giant figures of reindeer or any representative figure of the time your imagination It is the limit and creativity should be your greatest source of inspiration.

    In Hang My Christmas Lights we have many types of lights so that you can make the decoration you want and we also have a wide catalog of our projects carried out so that you can visualize your residence or commercial area according to your expectations of what you want for these dates including the professional advice you need.

  • What do the Christmas lights mean?

     Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    Every December (and even before) all the cities of the world have been filled with lights for a long time to celebrate Christmas, but do you really know why even the last most forgotten corner of the planet is illuminated even with a light or candle? This it is one more ingredient that surrounds the entire network of Christmas dates.

    Already in the Gospel of Saint John, Jesus said to the Jews: “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life ”. In addition, the catechism also includes this statement: "He who believes in Him does not remain in darkness."

    In many countries they began to light candles from December 8, the day on which we celebrate the Immaculate Conception until the birth of Jesus, exactly for that reason, because the Virgin in her womb the Child, in the light of the world that illuminated the whole earth ago more than two thousand years, at the time he was wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger, for thirty-three years of life, his passion, his resurrection and up to the present day, because we must not forget that the Paschal Candle is also present at Easter, where it is recalled that Christ is the light of the world every day.

     We have the opportunity to go down the street and be aware that these lights do not really represent a commercial "boom", but rather identify them with the light of Christ and also ours, because we do not forget that Christians, in our desire to wanting to resemble Jesus, we are called to be the light of the world.

    No matter what your reasons are, faith or tradition in Hang My Christmas Lights will make you feel in love with this season!

  • Cost of electricity from christmas light


    Christmas lights in Oklahoma

     Of course the electricity consumption can be high in the case of some Christmas lights, however there are lights that have a very low energy cost or there are even exterior lights that use sunlight to fulfill their function so you do not have to worry about electricity costs

    Regardless of which lights you choose, the Christmas lights have a higher consumption of light than regular lights, however LED lights allow you to save since they are the type of light that uses less energy to emit light and also have a longer useful life and you can even program the time that these will be on.

    A great way to reduce the cost of energy is to make a balance with the regular lights that are not in use, you can turn them off to allow them to rest and also in this way you will also be able to highlight the Christmas lights and create a serene atmosphere and quality of family union that is what is most wanted in these festivities

    In the end, saving energy should not be a limitation for the decoration of your home or your commercial area, for each situation there is an appropriate type of light that adapts to your needs; Our professionals  on Hang My Christmas Lights will provide you with the advice you need to choose the right type of light for you.

    Take a look at the different types of lights and products that we can offer as well as their advantages depending on the area and how they best suit your requirements.

  • What you should know about Christmas lights


    Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    We know that between so much assortment it can be difficult for you to choose the right model, however, we have chosen some suggestions of the best Christmas lights so that you can take into account although our professionals can advise you depending on the requirements of the area to be decorated. Christmas lights are an American invention who admired light shows; on Hang My Christmas Lights we count with all the lights you could love admire.

    what kinds of style can be found christmas lights

    •  In Garlands. These are the traditional lights for Christmas decoration. These lights allow to decorate the Christmas tree and also other objects.
    •  Curtains String of lights that is hung horizontally. Allows for exterior decoration or is used to accentuate spaces such as arches and windows.
    •  Mesh Interwoven of lights that are distributed in columns and rows. They allow to cover larger areas. Decorate tree trunks, shrubs or objects that have an irregular shape.
    •  Drip Light These types of lights are tubes of light that are hung from different places to create a special effect.
    •  Light hose Flexible plastic hose with lights inside.
    •  Decorative figures with lights inside. They can be placed in different places inside your home or outside depending on the size and decoration you want to achieve
    •  Battery Operated with traditional batteries. Useful in places where there are no plugs.
    •  Musicals Light up and play Christmas songs when turned on.

    Although LED Christmas lights cost more, you will save money in the long run because they require less energy to emit light. They are also more ecological, since they have a longer useful life and you can reuse them for several years.