• School cleaning service in Oklahoma

    School cleaning service in Oklahoma
    Shchool Cleaning Service in Oklahoma

    A primary school is a place of training for individuals between the ages of 3 and 11 who, depending on the infrastructure and the enrollment offered, can accommodate a significant number of students. They usually touch any object without thinking about contagious diseases since a large amount of viruses and germs circulate in the environment.

    In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, an average student contracts 12 or 12 colds or flu per school year.

    This leads to the spread of viruses or diseases, which results in the temporary absence of children and personnel affected by the institution.

    For this reason, this epicenter must be kept clean, always applying correctly the methods and techniques with products of excellent quality that fulfill the purpose of eliminating germs.

    For this, you have Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma, a company with more than 10 years of experience in the area of ​​cleaning in commercial spaces, offices, institutions and of course schools.

    We have the best cleaning products that kill germs instantly and at the same time leave their space with pleasant aroma, bright and fresh for much longer.

    We also have trained personnel to detect those areas more susceptible and consequently those that need more attention.

    One of our advantages is that we adapt perfectly to the requirements of our clients, we work in flexible schedules and we can schedule special schedules for any eventuality of the institution. In the same way we have a maintenance plan to give a useful life to the facilities.

    Among the areas most prone to the circulation of germs and bacteria are:
    desks: since most of the time the children stay there.

    Playgrounds: there children fall, spill blood, sweat, saliva etc.

    Drinkers: as children constantly approach this object to cool off.

    To the aforementioned areas and others like the rest of the furniture in the classrooms, office equipment, office, sanitary rooms and others, our company offers the best of itself to keep them impeccable, resplendent and most importantly free of germs.

    If you want a school free of viruses, bacteria and germs, contact us and get the best quote.