• 5 Cleaning Tips For Your Office

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    The Office Is The Place Where You Spend Several Hours A Day And Where More Space And Order You Need. That Is Why Being In The Hands Of Cleaning Experts Becomes Something Necessary. Professionals Of Order And Cleaning Are Characterized By Having Everything Under Control And Placing Tricks That Today We Unveil You

    1.Use Biosecurity Equipment And Organic Products

    Cleaning Products Contain Chemicals Sodium Hypochlorite, Oils, Bicarbonate, Which May Cause Allergic Reactions When Coming In Direct Contact With Skin, Respiratory Difficulty And Eye Discomforts. It Is Recommended To Use Masks, Nitrile Gloves, Avoid Contact With Eyes And Use The Products In Environments With Little Ventilation

    2. Use 70% Alcohol And Water To Clean Tables,   Telephone And Tablet

    The Use Of Alcohol In Surfaces Prevents The Permanence Of Viruses And Bacteria In Fomites, And The Spread Of Diseases In Personnel

    3. Clean All Parts Of Your Computer (Except Screens, But Including The Trackpad Or Mouse) With A Slightly Damp Microfiber Cloth

     Make Sure You Are Not Very Wet Park To Avoid Damaging The Computer Screen

    4. Clean Wooden Furniture With A Microfiber Cloth And A Neutral Detergent.

    Do Not Use Sprays Or Silicones On Wooden Furniture As They Lose Its Original Appearance. If It Is Deteriorated It Is Better To Use Soapy Products For A Deep Cleaning.

    If You Use Fabric Chairs, We Recommend That You Suck Them Daily, It Is Something That Will Not Take A Long Time And Avoid The Dust Accumulation

    5. White Vinegar, Bicarbonate For The Ceramic Floor

    Using These Products And Scrubbing With A Mop Will Prevent The Dust From Building Up, Creating Cracks In The Floor And Generating A Better Look.
    If The Floor Of Your Office Is Wooden With A Little Sparkling Detergent And Water It Will Be Perfect.

    The Key To Keeping Your Offices Clean Is To Create Awareness Among Employees And Avoid Disposal Of Things That Are Not Needed, Order The Instruments For Daily Use.

    Doing A Proper And Regular Cleaning In Your Office Will Bring You Various Benefits.

    • The First Of These Is The Improvement Of Labor Productivity Because Nobody Works Well In A Workplace If It Is Unpleasant To The Eye Or Smell.

    • Secondly, It Will Help Us To Reduce The Appearance Of Diseases Or Allergies That Are Caused By Dust.

    • Third Helps To Make A Good Impression On People Who Visit Us Whether They Are Customers Or Future Employees.

    As A Last Tip, We Recommend You Performing Deep Cleaning 2 Days A Week. If You Are Still Not Clear Of The Way To Do So, Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us As We Have Experts In Cleanliness That Will Offer You The Best Results.