• The best products and techniques for cleaning and disinfecting a commercial establishment

    The best products for cleaning in Oklahoma

     Keeping a commercial establishment clean and sanitized is essential to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees. Today, we present the best products and techniques for effective cleaning and sanitizing in your business. From recommended products to the most effective techniques, this article has everything you need to keep your business clean and safe.

    Recommended cleaning and disinfection products for commercial establishments

    Choosing the right cleaning and sanitizing products is essential to ensure effective cleaning in a commercial establishment. Some recommended products include broad-spectrum disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners, products for cleaning and disinfecting restrooms, and products for cleaning hard surfaces and carpets. 

    It is important to ensure that the products selected are safe for use in a commercial environment and comply with local and federal regulations. Also, it is advisable to train your cleaning team in the proper use of the products selected.

    Effective techniques for cleaning and disinfecting a commercial establishment

    In addition to using the right products, it is important to use effective techniques to clean and disinfect a commercial establishment. One of the most effective techniques is the use of a two-step cleaning, which involves cleaning first with a cleaner and then disinfecting with a broad-spectrum sanitizer. 

    It is important to be sure to clean all of the areas, including hard surfaces, carpets and fabrics. Remember to clean high contact areas such as door handles and light switches. It is also advisable to perform regular cleaning and additional disinfection in high-risk areas such as bathrooms and kitchen areas.

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