• Aditional Services

    Aditional Services
    Aditional services

    Furnace cleaning: this is one of the additional services most requested by our customers due to the complexity in the cleaning of some areas of the same that if not cleaned properly will be left residues that will produce damages in the future.

    Our professionals have the ability to radiate the oven in your kitchen, correctly applying the right products with the best techniques since incorrect use can cause irreparable damage. We reach those difficult areas for residents obtaining the best results at the best price.

    Cleaning of refrigerators: The refrigerator is one of the most important elements in the kitchen of houses, apartments or any space where it is located, since food is stored inside it: Therefore, it is advisable to keep it clean both inside and outside.

    Our experts apply the best products to leave any fridge clean internally. We offer a quality service to meet the needs of our customers. We love our work and therefore we put all our effort so that our customers feel happy with what we do and for future requirements hire services again.

    Cleaning of Cabinets: The shelves are useful and decorative elements for any house, apartment, office or space, with the passage of time accumulate dust, spider web, and dirt in general that eventually generates bacteria, viruses and can cause diseases, deterioration or bad smell of the elements that are inside.

    The cleaning of cabinets is an additional service that we offer in Affordable Cleaning Service Oklahoma apart from our conventional service, we take the greatest care when removing and replacing the elements of the shelves, we apply the best cleaning techniques with the suitable products for this purpose, granting 100% security and satisfaction.

    Window cleaning: Windows usually get dirty due to frequent exposure to pollutants, which makes it look bad, as well as generating bacteria that can cause allergies or other virus diseases. For these reasons we recommend our window cleaning service, it is an additional but very personalized service that will give excellent results in a short time. We are ready to get down to work and execute the best cleaning with the quality you deserve.

    With our service you will have a spectacular view since we clean at depth, leaving the windows impeccable, resplendent and free of bacteria under a pleasant natural scent. 

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