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  • Cost of electricity from christmas light


    Christmas lights in Oklahoma

     Of course the electricity consumption can be high in the case of some Christmas lights, however there are lights that have a very low energy cost or there are even exterior lights that use sunlight to fulfill their function so you do not have to worry about electricity costs

    Regardless of which lights you choose, the Christmas lights have a higher consumption of light than regular lights, however LED lights allow you to save since they are the type of light that uses less energy to emit light and also have a longer useful life and you can even program the time that these will be on.

    A great way to reduce the cost of energy is to make a balance with the regular lights that are not in use, you can turn them off to allow them to rest and also in this way you will also be able to highlight the Christmas lights and create a serene atmosphere and quality of family union that is what is most wanted in these festivities

    In the end, saving energy should not be a limitation for the decoration of your home or your commercial area, for each situation there is an appropriate type of light that adapts to your needs; Our professionals  on Hang My Christmas Lights will provide you with the advice you need to choose the right type of light for you.

    Take a look at the different types of lights and products that we can offer as well as their advantages depending on the area and how they best suit your requirements.

  • What you should know about Christmas lights


    Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    We know that between so much assortment it can be difficult for you to choose the right model, however, we have chosen some suggestions of the best Christmas lights so that you can take into account although our professionals can advise you depending on the requirements of the area to be decorated. Christmas lights are an American invention who admired light shows; on Hang My Christmas Lights we count with all the lights you could love admire.

    what kinds of style can be found christmas lights

    •  In Garlands. These are the traditional lights for Christmas decoration. These lights allow to decorate the Christmas tree and also other objects.
    •  Curtains String of lights that is hung horizontally. Allows for exterior decoration or is used to accentuate spaces such as arches and windows.
    •  Mesh Interwoven of lights that are distributed in columns and rows. They allow to cover larger areas. Decorate tree trunks, shrubs or objects that have an irregular shape.
    •  Drip Light These types of lights are tubes of light that are hung from different places to create a special effect.
    •  Light hose Flexible plastic hose with lights inside.
    •  Decorative figures with lights inside. They can be placed in different places inside your home or outside depending on the size and decoration you want to achieve
    •  Battery Operated with traditional batteries. Useful in places where there are no plugs.
    •  Musicals Light up and play Christmas songs when turned on.

    Although LED Christmas lights cost more, you will save money in the long run because they require less energy to emit light. They are also more ecological, since they have a longer useful life and you can reuse them for several years.


  • What Christmas lights to choose in Oklahoma?

                                                                    Lights types in Oklahoma

    There are a wide variety of Christmas lights on the market ranging from the material, size and style of the light. When choosing the type of Christmas lights you should take into account that you are going to decorate with them, the residence or a commercial area, also the style of the area and the electrical consumption that you have as a limit.

    Lights for the whole year

    In Hang My Christmas Lights we can offer a type of perfect lights that can be adapted to be used throughout the year, its so natural design of small light bulbs in soft tones adapt to any season, they even allow to decorate from a room to a garden and of course you can not miss the Christmas tree.

     Classic Christmas lights

    They have traditional shapes and you can program them in different lighting modes such as constant on, waves and much more ... There are many and they come in very bright colors, perfect for decorating the tree and creating an indoor or outdoor Christmas atmosphere depending on what you want.

    Curtain-style Christmas lights

    These curtain style lights are a very striking diversity and one of the most attractive on the market. They are strips illuminated in a very delicate way with a very soft light. Some have a remote control to program their varied ignition and the consumption of this type of lights is really low and their useful life is very long.

    Novelty Christmas lights

    This type of lights are characterized by their originality. Thanks to the flexible texture it allows to create different effects such as fireworks, waterfalls, bouquets among many more. They are made with a material that allows it to be deformable of high quality and resistant and with a long range of several meters

  • LED christmas light types and colors in Oklahoma

    LED christmas lights and colors in Oklahoma

    LED lights are undoubtedly a long-term investment that will allow you to save money since their durability, profitability and versatility allow it. Our professionals use these types of commercial grade holiday lights that can withstand harsh conditions and last longer than typical consumer lights.

    How long do LED christmas lights really last?

    There is no definitive time for how long LED lights will last as many factors can influence lifespan including general weather. In Oklahoma City lights tend to last an estimated 5 seasons; we also have maintenance service so they can last much longer.

    Hang My Christmas Light has been installing Christmas lights on residential and commercial properties for over a decade. Over the years, we have perfected our services by investing in high-quality equipment and learning which colors, sizes, and shapes of LED bulbs provide the best illumination. Our team of professionals strive to save you money by ensuring durable and energy efficient LED products.

    Trust our professionals at Hang My Christmas Light to take charge and take care of all the needs of the installation of Christmas lights this holiday season for your home. We serve all of Oklahoma City. By using the highest quality products available, we guarantee that your commercial or residential property will be adorned with elegant Christmas lights to match your festivities and the atmosphere that this time of year brings.

    And if you're still looking for some holiday light inspiration, don't know what to do, you might want to check out our Oklahoma holiday light display guide so you can visualize some of our past projects.


  • Why choose Hang My Christmas Light?

    Interior Painting Oklahoma

    At Hang My Christmas Lights we have a long history that speaks to our work for us. There have been hundreds of projects that have given us the opportunity to offer our services and also have allowed us to acquire the necessary experience to offer the best service in the city.

    On this date where you only want to share with your loved ones, you don't have to take care of doing a laborious job such as decorating lights, tell us what you want and our experts will make it come true for you. From installation, removal and storage until the new year we can help you.

    You do not have to worry about quality, at Hang My Christmas Light we have the best products on the market so that you can enjoy many years and take your mind off these expenses and allow you to enjoy what really matters.

    We have high standards of service:

    • Because of our effectiveness, we ensure results.
    • Because we carry out personalized projects for each client.
    • Because we ensure compliance with the established deadlines.
    • We are ethical, we work with transparency, trust and empathy.
    • Because we treat each client as if they were the only one.
    • Because we are one hundred percent involved in each project.
    • Because we are flexible, we adapt to the needs of each project.
    • We have a high level of satisfaction in our clients
    • Our advisors are 100% focused on quality

    Do not miss this opportunity and consult all your doubts, we quote your complete project for free and with the most prepared professionals in the entire Oklahoma area to ensure that you are more than satisfied with the results of your home or your commercial area, remember that we adjust to your needs and the area you want to make shine.


  • Professional outdoor Christmas lights in Oklahoma


    Professional outdoor Christmas lights in Oklahoma

    On Hang My Christmas Lights we know that Christmas is one of the most important dates of the year, families gather to share this beautiful time, great preparations are made: food, clothing, home arrangements, gift shopping and many others are the thoughts that each family occupies this season.

    One of the themes that are the center of our thoughts are the Christmas lights, which make us feel this great atmosphere of union that Christmas brings with it. We give you the opportunity to occupy your mind in other preparations while we take care of the decoration you want for your home for you.

    Hang My Christmas Lights offers a professional light installation service for commercial buildings and residences throughout Oklahoma City, we take care of all the work that comes with decorating with lights:

    • Correct installation so that you can appreciate the beautiful decoration of this era come true
    • Removal and Storage after the Christmas season so you don't have to worry about space or damage if they are not stored correctly or in an inappropriate place.

    The size of the project is not important, each of our works is carried out with the professionalism that each one deserves and our products have the necessary quality to function in their entirety and shine 5 times more than a normal bulb, in addition our excellent prices will allow you save money by having long service life.